What kind of sources have I used?

I have used secondary sources and want to obtain knowledge on my selected topic. Also, I find secondary sources useful in supporting an argument as they not only provide factual information, but reach into an event’s significance. I often prefer using secondary sources because it goes beyond a specific story and tends to be less opinionated unlike primary sources.

In addition to secondary sources what are my inspirational sources?

In addition to my secondary sources my inspirational sources is a research study by Yu and Kong’s and an article by Maria Murillo. Yu and Kong study focuses on a user’s perspective making it a resourceful guide to a designer whose focus is mostly on the end product.

Maria Murillo, in her article ‘Responsive Web vs Native Apps’, appreciates the challenge of businesses to be up-to-date with development trends. This article gives the reader a good foundation into the differences between responsive and native apps.

What are the most challenging aspects of bibliographic research?

The most challenging aspect of bibliographic research for me is with primary sources. The problem I have with primary sources is that sometimes they tend to be very opinionated and biased. As a result, at times it can very difficult to discern what is fact and fiction in looking at a source. I feel that it’s important to be able to use both primary and secondary sources so you can know what the experience of people who have seen the topic of choice first-hand and what has been written about it thereafter.

What are my goals in writing an essay for this module?

The main focus of my essay is an investigation on native mobile apps and responsive mobile friendly websites. I would like to investigate and understand advantages and disadvantages of native apps and responsive websites. My research would be helpful for understanding the reasons as to why increased mobile usage is impacting web design.

How tutor and peer feedback have supported my bibliographic research?

Getting some initial feedback from peers and my tutor was very helpful, and interesting. It was helpful because it is really important to get outside perspectives when doing research entirely independently. It was interesting because my peers and my tutor both had different ideas, and both got me to look at things from different perspectives.


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Murillo, M. (2016, October 8). Responsive Web vs Native Apps. [online] Available at: http://thinkapps.com/blog/development/responsive-web-vs-native-apps/ [Accessed 3 Dec. 2016]


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