I am always nervous before submitting my work. Even though I have checked and read everything 100 times, I am never satisfied. But, finally today I have submitted my essay along with the Turnitin Originality Report. And surprisingly, the Turnitin Report gave the result of 1%.

I have also submitted following self evaluation with my submission:

I began learning in this module by reviewing the materials, researching related topics and
ultimately demonstrating the knowledge obtained in an applied way. This module allowed me to investigate Studynet website of University of Hertfordshire thoroughly. The learning platform and online resources in this course provided exciting new prospects for the field of education. I learned to take advantage of these sources for planning, designing and utilising in various effective ways. This structured competency approach to learning was very effective in my case and truly, I believe, that this approach helped me to gain full competency described.

The title of my essay was: “How mobile apps and the need for websites to be ‘Responsive’ have impacted on web design”. The first assessment for this semester was an annotated bibliography. I was expected to write 10-15 primary and secondary references for my annotated bibliography. For this semester, my aim was to write an essay of about 6000 words along with the bibliography and illustrations.  The easiest part of this project was communicating with my peers and asking questions and helping them by giving constructive feedback. Though there were not much difficult parts, yet I did finding primary sources and writing direct texts in my own words, was very challenging. Particularly, for improving my own writing skill, I availed the opportunity to read a number of blogs, tutorials and reports getting real inspiration to improve my writing skill.

I read a number of online exemplary essays and reports. I also viewed some great online tutorials as to how one can avoid mistakes and plagiarism. These resources helped me a lot to write effectively and improve my writing skill. I believe, I had good knowledge and working experience of this particular essay topic, therefore, it was a great strength for my working process. I maintained a notebook in which I managed and noted all the tasks that I was supposed to perform on daily basis. I initially, managed to divide bigger works into small portions, but I believe there is still a lot of room for improvement in managing and planning my tasks.

During writing an essay, I learned how to write In-Text referencing along with illustrations’ captions and Harvard Referencing for each category. I have also learned ways and techniques to attain quality and relevant information. The parts of the project I would like to learn more are improving my writing and academic skills including my own personal development.

In conclusion, this module served me as a very useful phase for the development of my personal and academic skills and it also helped me in better understanding my own abilities and deficiencies vis a vis my capabilities and weaknesses. I think, at this stage, from research on various aspects and brainstorming shaped my knowledge about this topic which will be a great help in my future aspects.

I am looking forward to my final grades !

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