Turnitin is plagiarism detection software that identifies evidence of plagiarism and helps to show us where our writing matches too closely to other academic sources.  It is a very useful tool used by tutors and students. It shows where we have not cited correctly and have not acknowledged and respected another person’s work.  It can also help us develop academic writing skills and better understand the use of academic conventions. The originality report highlights text that might be plagiarised, and it also highlights important features of academic writing.

I uploaded my written piece that I produced for other module and after uploading I downloaded the report. Each source has a colour and numbering that is referenced in the submission text trough underlines and numbers.

For my submission, it shows a result of 0% similarity of the text. A percentage figure (0% in this report) shows how much my work is matched to the other sources held. There is also an option on Turnitin to filter the result by excluding or including the bibliography and quotes from the content.

I have some references in the bibliography, therefore I checked both options, and it shows a result of 29% similarity of text (for bibliography). The similarity of text are Harvard references of student papers matched from different universities. Only 3% of text similarity are two Harvard style references taken from internet sources.

It is my understanding that if there is any similarity of text (excluding bibliography) these should be either changed to our own words or the original phrases should be placed into the document within quotation marks and cited.

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