I will examine the impact of new trends of smartphones, tablets usage on web design. I will explain that the aim of the essay is to understand and compare native mobile apps and responsive website. As being designer and app developer I have worked on some projects where clients had requirements of both platforms. I will add some statistics and facts and I hope that my research will strengthen my ability to understand and will give a good foundation into the differences between responsive websites and native apps.

The difference between responsive website and native mobile apps
I intend to make a comparison on both platforms. What is responsive or ‘mobile friendly’ website. What are native mobile apps and tablet apps? (I will not compare desktop apps – as it is vast subject to discuss in the essay). I will also compare examples, describing specific User Interface and UX.

I will summarise since when there is a need of mobile friendly websites and what are the statistics of usage of mobile apps.

Structure for websites and user experience
I will examine how the findings show that mobile page design and structure for websites home pages could have a significant impact on the usability and experience of the user.

Need of mobile apps
I will explain that the biggest difference between the two is that mobile apps can be developed natively or as a hybrid whereas mobile-friendly websites can be adaptive or responsive. Adopting mobile applications and mobile websites that can be used in different media devices looks into how planning departments are responding to the increase in mobile users and the tracking of growth in the use of mobile technology.

Advantages and disadvantages
What are the advantages and disadvantages of native mobile apps compare to responsive websites. I will explore which is best to pick for design and eventual development by looking at the pros and cons of responsive websites and native apps. this in categories: pros and cons of responsive websites against adaptive websites. I will discuss in detail to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a responsive web, which most designers today are tending toward.

Finally, I will discuss and summarise key points, concluding subject matter and the importance of new trends. I will explain why this research on this topic is important for my practice. And what knowledge I have gained from the research.

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