Initially, I had so much fear to write an essay of 6000 words and I questioned my self again and again “Can I write an essay of 6000 words?” I thought, writing an essay is the most difficult task. But I must say that with the help of learning path, I learned to create an essay plan, and I learned how to structure my essay. The main body of my essay is completed. Yet I guess I need to refine a lot and do some corrections.

My aim is to complete my essay draft by next week. Last week, I uploaded my draft with about 8 images to my tutor. And I did not realise, that the Harvard referencing were wrong. I have now corrected though, but still how bad!  Anyhow, my tutor and peers feedback has been always essential in confirming that I am on the right track.

I think, at this stage, from research on various aspects and brainstorming shaped my knowledge about this topic which will be a great help me in my future aspects.


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